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Evangelist Daniel John Lee

And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


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The Catholic Chronicles by Keith Green  


Disclaimer: While this article makes some good points,  Passover is celebrated the night of the 24th, 

rather than the night of the 23rd, as Passover ends going into the 1st Day of Unleavened Bread.  

The last supper can be re-enacted on the night of the 23rd but this is distinct and different from the

Passover Exodus 12 Seder Meal to be done as Passover ends going into the 1st Day of Unleavened Bread.

Biblical Proof that the Jewish Calendar is Incorrect in 2013 - by Don Esposito

How You can conclusively prove that the Jewish Calendar was incorrect in 2013!


Disclaimer: The only thing I disagree with this article about is claiming believers will not have the 

Holy Spirit during the tribulation. On the contrary, the Holy Spirit will be empowering believers more than

ever before during the final 42 months of man's rule on earth. 

Gleanings in Exodus by A.W. Pink - The Urim and Thummim


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Was Enoch Translated to Heaven


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You have exalted Your word above all Your name

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Yahshua died and resurrected in the Year 17AD


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Beware of the "Lunar Sabbath"


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The Millenial Temple

*** Although I do not agree with everything this man teaches, I really like the visual way he shows 

the temple described in Ezekiel. Enjoy!


Spiritual Warfare - Biblical Binding and Losing


Is Jesus "God"?