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And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


Who is the Messiah YAHSHUA?

Seven Spirits of YAH


17 Part Series -- Reconciling Torah, Messiah and Apostle Paul

TORAH    ReNEWed Covenant Study Guide

Teachings    Book of Romans    The Last Great Reformation



 YHVH goes forth like a warrior; like a fighter He whips up His rage. He yells;

 He roars aloud, He charges upon His enemies: "I have kept silent far too

 long. Kept still and restrained Myself; Now I will scream like a woman in

 labor,  gasping breathlessly."


 Yah is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation;

 This is my Elohim, and I will enshrine Him; My father's Elohim, and I will

 exalt Him.    YHVH the warrior—YHVH is His name!


 The Reward Is In The Obedience, and The Outcome Is His 

PSU Preaching Reports  Downtown Portland Preaching Reports

PSU Newspaper Article: Cover Story - Daniel John Lee

 Preaching    Why I Preach The Way I Do


Very Brief Intro to UCLA Ministry

UCLA Preaching Reports


Jeff Found Bonus White House Preaching Video from Nov 9th

Secret Service Informs Me President heard me from inside White House

Preaching Against Illegal Immigrant Rally, White House Part 3

Preaching in front of White House Part 1, Part 2 


Preaching at Portland State U: Part 1 

Preaching in front of Abortion Clinic Portland, OR

Open Air Preaching with Jerry in Portland, OR

 Open Air Preaching Friday Night at Rose Festival

Street Preaching on Shabbat Before Pentecost

Preaching in Portland - Shabbat Preaching Reports



Are you an atheist, an agnostic, a pagan or basically someone who does not believe Jesus (Hebrew name Yahshua) is King of Kings and Lord of Lords?????  

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Welcome to Torah Restoration Ministries


Greetings everyone in the Matchless Love of YahShua!

The primary thrust of this ministry can be found in I Corinthians 13. In short, "Love Never Fails." It is our sincere desire to bring together the pure-hearted ones in Messiah by exalting the Love of YahShua.


1. To help facilitate what we believe will be the last great planetary reformation which will bring the Bride of Messiah into the fullness of her maturity and provide the final preparation for her to meet the Bridegroom.

2. We believe the Body of Messiah must return back to the precepts found in the Torah of Moshe (Moses), keeping both the letter and spirit of the Torah.

3. In returning to the Torah of Moshe, the Body of Messiah will find new power and strength to confront this evil generation and bring the last remnant into the harvest.

4. We believe the whole Torah of Moshe can and should be obeyed per Deuteronomy 30 and Romans 10.

5. We believe every part of Torah allowed in our present day exile in Babylon should be pursued with a fervent spirit.

6. The Torah laws concerning animal sacrifices, the Levitical Preisthood, the Temple System and the governmental laws (such as stoning) cannot be done by the Bride and must await implementation until the Messiah, YahShua, rules and reigns from His Throne in Jerusalem.

7. The future physical Temple built in Yerushalyim will eventually become apostate and defiled by the anti--messiah, thus we do not recommend anyone becoming involved with the Temple until Messiah returns in power and glory from the sky.


The Woman, the Ointment and the True Gospel


Mission Statement 

1. Preach the full gospel of Yahshua (Jesus) the Messiah on college campuses and universities across the nation.

2. Expose the satanic pedophiles through investigative reporting on my youtube channel

3. Provide satanic Ritual Abuse survivors a platform to speak out on

4. Protect the innocent children


Want to know Daniel Lee's Testimony? Please read here: Daniel Lee's Testimony


We, at Torah Restoration Ministries, are not affiliated with ANY denomination. We are an Independent group of believers in Mashiach.

We do not hold the 501C tax exempt status. TRM is NOT partners with the Government and does NOT have a main headquarters in any region of the world.  Our head is YahShua the Messiah.

TRM has a policy that all information, all tracts, all videos that we produce are completely 100% free.


  *** Latest Updates - New and/or Revised Videos/Articles ***


Angela Disney & Rose English: Together Exposing UK, Ireland Satanic Pedophiles!

Daniel's Interviews on Youtube - Exposing Satanic Pedophiles



100% Proof Bible is True, Jesus Rose, Earth only 6000 Years Old

The 7 Mountains the Whore Sits Upon: Multiple Layers

Part 2: 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Thunders, 7 Bowls: Revelation

7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Thunders, 7 Bowls: Revelation

Yahshua's Holy Days vs satan's holidays: Parents and Children

Philadelphia, Smyrna and Prophecy: The Way of Escape

The Beast with 10 Horns 2024 --- 2027

2300 Days in Daniel 8, Trump and Prophecy

Book of Daniel, Trump, Solar Eclipse: 2024--2027

Philadelphia, 2 Witnesses, Trumpets and President Trump

Prophecy, Pedophiles, Trump: X Marks The Spot



Sign the White House Petition - Brand New One:




  Sabbath Morning/Evening Chat with Daniel Lee



Sabbath Hike: UCLA, Last Night's Prayer Meeting, Updates - 12/8

A Rebuke That I Am Sure Will Offend Many Subscribers - 12/8

Friday Night Sabbath: Abide in the Vine - 12/7


Two Women Ask me to Blow Shofar Part 2 - 12/1

Shabbat Hike: Echoes of the Shofar Part 1 - 12/1

Bush Sr, Prophecy, POTUS, Q, Christmas, Hanukkah - 12/1

Prophetic Meaning of 7.0 Alaska Earthquake Revealed - 11/30

Shabbat Friday Night: My Voice Needs Rest - 11/30

Sabbath Hike Part 2: Tearing Down Pedophile Strongholds - 11/24

Sabbath Hike Part 1: Praise and Worship Along the Beach - 11/24

Ark of the Covenant and the Great Delusion: Shabbat Teaching - 11/24

Friday Night Shabbat: We Need Each Other - 11/23

Sabbath Drive: Exploring Juneau Alaska: Praise and Worship - 11/17

100% Proof Bible is True, Jesus Rose, Earth only 6000 Years Old - 11/17

Reading Letters From Subscribers: Shabbat Blessings!!! - 11/16

Friday Night Shabbat Teaching: Precious Torah - 11/16

Jeff and I Find A Sabbath Trail: Psalm 92 - 11/10

Sabbath Drive with Jeff: Another Huge Praise Report From Zoom Prayer Meetings!!! - 11/10

More Reports White House preaching: Shabbat Shalom From Maryland - 11/10

Friday Night Shabbat: Expressing Thanks to Yahshua - 11/9

More Huge Prayer Requests Answered: Report on SRA Survivor Jason - 11/3

The 7 Mountains the Whore Sits Upon: Multiple Layers - 11/3

Sabbath Hike: White as Snow - 11/3

Part 2: 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Thunders, 7 Bowls: Revelation - 11/3

Friday Night Sabbath Teaching: The Gates of our Homes - 11/2

A New Sabbath Song for 4th Day of Sukkot - 10/27

John 7: Jesus Celebrating Sukkot - 10/27

Hand Tramming Across Gorge for Sabbath Hike!!! - 10/27

Philadelphia, Smyrna and Prophecy: The Way of Escape - 10/27

Menorah Carved on Native American Artifact - 10/27

Friday Night Shabbat Teaching: Testimony from Museum Visit - 10/26

A New Sabbath Song to Yahshua!!!!! - 10/20

Sabbath Hike: Silencing the Mouths of the Naysayers!!! Exalting Messiah! - 10/20

Rescuing My Children: MAJOR UPDATE!!! - 10/19

100% Proof Hillary Exposed Oct 19th News is TRUE!!!!! - 10/19

Fasting Worked! DC Federal Judge Oct 19th EXPOSES Hillary!!! SHABBAT SHALOM!!! - 10/19

We Can Save Over 100,000 Children Will NOT Cost A Dime!!!!!!! - 10/13

The Beast with 10 Horns 2024 --- 2027 - 10/13

Who is the REAL Son of Perdition? Shabbat Teaching - 10/13

Sabbath Hike: Ruled by Love or Fear: Testimony Time! - 10/13

2300 Days in Daniel 8, Trump and Prophecy - 10/13

Book of Daniel, Trump, Solar Eclipse: 2024--2027 - 10/12

Friday Night Shabbat Chat: Children of God vs Children of the Devil - 10/12

The Wonders of Alaska: Hidden Sabbath Waterfall! - 10/06

Yahweh Gave Me A NEW SONG!!!!!! - 10/06

Sabbath Hike: Help Me Rescue My Children!!! - 10/06

Part 2: Shabbat Friday Night: The Everlasting Gospel - 10/05

Part 1: Shabbat Friday Night: The Name of Yah - 10/05

Bonus End of Shabbat Teaching: Headcoverings - 09/29

Addressing All False Accusations Against Me: Sabbath Hike - 09/29

Sabbath Evening Chat with Daniel: Hebrew Feasts in October Not September 2018 - 09/28

Sabbath Hike with Daniel Lee - 09/22

Shabbat Evening Chat with Daniel Lee - 09/21



1st Shabbat of the Year,  2nd,  3rd - Passover4th5th6th, 7th, 8th, 9th

10th Shabbat of the Year-Omer  49-Shavuot Weekend, 11th, 12th, 13th

14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th25th



National Anthem of YHVH!

3/8/2017 -- 3 full fast days before Purim begins -- Abomination of Desolation, falls on a Wednesday -Day of Woe -- 1290 days later is 9/18/2020 -- Yom Teruach 1st Resurrection
4/7/2017 -- Lamb Day -- 2 Witnesses Begin Ministry -- 1260 days later is 9/18/20 -- Yom Teruach 1st Resurrection
4/15/2017 -- Shabbat within 7 days of Unleavened Bread 1335 days later is 1st Day of Hanukkah 12/10/2020
2 Witnesses begin ministry on a Friday.
1st Resurrection occurs on a Friday


Reflections on Passover




Reflections on Shavuot




Reflections on Tabernacles




Reflections on Hanukkah




Reflections on Purim




The Orchestra of Torah

  Daniel Lee's Blog


Prophetic Words & Revisions


I will leave some of this up for historical value -- but seeing as how I keep getting emails about Jesus returning in 2017 and I want the emphasis of this ministry to be evangelism and preaching, I am removing most of this section.  I do NOT know when Yahshua is returning -- He certainly is NOT returning in 2017!!!!!


  Full Timeline from Creation until 2020 AD when Daniel’s 70th Week is fulfilled *

The Riddle of King Cyrus, Daniel's 70 Weeks, 17CE and 2017CE *

Timeline of Daniel’s 70th and Final Week *

Timeline of 40 Jubilee Gap from 17 AD to 2017 AD *

  * Note: I do not know if Great Tribulation starts in 2017.  Yah will reveal to His People when the time is right.







POTUS Signs New Law: Trillions Taken from Child Sex Traffickers!


Satanic Pedophile Disney World Park Needs To Be SHUT DOWN!

Pence the Pedophile to be Replaced

CFO Exposes Satanic Pedophile Clinton Foundation, How Q Works

Bush Sr's Execution: A Prophetic Message to My Enemies

T-Minus 1 Day to 77th Pearl Harbor Anniversary

USA Child Marriages, Pres Trump's Tweet

Solomon Exposes Comey, Another Obama Era Official Bites the Dust!

Michael Flynn's Exoneration So Close!

Satanists Shut Down CERN For Two Years

CIA Whistleblower: Satanic Pedophiles Going Down D7

Huge Clinton Donor Indicted Dec 4, 2018

Right In The Heart of West Hollywood

Deep State,Bush Sr. vs Pres Trump's Countermove

MASSIVE Breakthrough in 9-11 Investigation Dec 1st 2018

Updates, Testimony, Exploring Cave

305th Deploys to Gitmo: Military Tribunals Coming

Satanic Pedophile Comey has 5 Folders on Hillary's Child Sex Crimes

Breaking News for Dec 3rd, Q, and 11-11 Unexplained Seismic Activity

Bush Sr, Prophecy, POTUS, Q, Christmas, Hanukkah


Prophetic Meaning of 7.0 Alaska Earthquake Revealed


7.2 Earthquake in Alaska: Tami and Craig on phone

7.0 and 5.8 Earthquake in Anchorage Alaska

POTUS, Acosta, Epstein: Perfect Plan to Bring Down Satanic Pedophiles

FBI Raids Whistleblower on Clinton Foundation: The Satanic Pedophiles are Terrified!

Q Drop: Locked and Loaded to take Down Satanic Pedophiles

Huge Praise Report and Testimony!!!!!

Look what President Trump Just Tweeted

Dec 5th, Q, Julian Assange's Testimony: Satanic Pedophiles Brought Down

Meilin Walks Me Through Botanical Gardens

Subscriber Takes Me to Botanical Gardens

Pedophile Soros vs Facebook: Civil War

Subscriber Meets me at UCLA, Takes Me to Dinner!


Assange, Webb, Imminent Court Dates

UN Responsible for 60,000 Rapes of Children

If You Can Host Me, Let Me Know!!!!

POTUS Shuts Down US-Mex Border, Tear Gas Fired

Hollywood Burning: Fiction Thriller Suspense Novel: An Excerpt

Assange in Virginia/Maryland, at Camp David Right Now

Satanic Pedophile Clintons Are In BIG Trouble

POTUS Using Assange to Expose Satanic Peophiles

POTUS Moves to Strike Down CIA Satanic Pedophiles


Ark of the Covenant and the Great Delusion: Shabbat Teaching



Sunset and Otters: Sailing off Newport Beach

Sailing past SRA Victim Shirley Temple's Home

Blowing Shofar at Pedophile Nicolas Cage's Home

Pushing off to Sea from Newport Beach

Arriving at Sail Boat at Newport Beach

Huge Praise Report: John's Full Healing


Founding Fathers, 1st Amendment, Street Preaching

 1st amendment


Hillsong Australia = Satanic Pedophiles

Q: Dec 5th: Clinton Foundation Exposed

Malibu's Setting Sun: Zoom Room Prayer Announcement

Ex CIA Agent Exposes Pence the Pedophile

Pres Trump Gives Whitaker Free Rein Over Pedophile Mueller

John's Sign from White House Event, Updates

Rescuing My Children: ANOTHER MAJOR UPDATE!!!!

Pres Trump Curbs Child Sex Trafficking on Border



100% Proof Bible is True, Jesus Rose, Earth only 6000 Years Old




   Assemblies of God=mind control child sex trafficking, satanic pedophiles

Satanic Pedophile Theresa May Under Fire Brexit Crisis

The Ultimate Endgame in Defeating Satanic Pedophiles

Alaska Satanic Jesuit Pedophiles Exposed

I Admonish President Trump re hindu festival of lights

Q's 3 Step Plan to Bring Down Satanic Pedophiles

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Advocates Pedophilia and Child Sex Trafficking

Billy Graham Satanic Pedophile: MORE WITNESSES COME FORWARD

POTUS Refuses to Shake Pedophile Trudeau's Hand  

Final Remarks on White House Event: Back in Juneau, Alaska 

Crokin's Hillary Prediction for 11-11 and Rosenstein Flips! 

Will Pres Trump Fire Rod Rosenstein Nov 9?

Sessions, Whitaker & My Final Video Before DC Nov 9 Event

New Acting Attorney General Would Indict Clinton

The TRUTH Behind Trump's Pence and Pelosi Comments

Mysterious Deaths, 100% Proof of Tunnels ORAL ROBERTS UNIVERSITY

Senate Red Wave; FISA Will Bring Down The House!

Voting for 2018 Mid Terms Part 1 of 3,  Part 2 of 3Part 3 of 3

New Patriot Anthem: Dedicated to President Trump and Q

FASTING & PRAYER: Nov 9, Oral Roberts, Pence

Q Quotes Ephesians 6:10-18: Thank You Q

Theresa May the Pedophile and Pedophile Protector

The TRUTH About President Trump and Child Sex Trafficking

More Huge Prayer Requests Answered: Report on SRA Survivor Jason

Pedophile Alec Baldwin Arrested / Correcting my Alec Baldwin Story

The Return of Q: Domino Effect

Pres Trump Preparing GITMO for Satanic Pedophile Elites




The 7 Mountains the Whore Sits Upon: Multiple Layers

Part 2: 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Thunders, 7 Bowls: Revelation

7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Thunders, 7 Bowls: Revelation



The Prophetic Hebrew Calendar for 2019 Shouts Revival

Massive Prayer Requests Speedily Answered: Updates!!

Yahshua's Holy Days vs satan's holidays: Parents and Children


Reading A Short Chapter From My New Thriller: Hollywood Burning


Maine Police Chief Rapes 4 Year Old: Needs to be Executed

Operation Oct 31st: 8th Day Sukkot: Updates

Leaked Oct 28th: DOJ Memo Exposing Mueller for His Crimes

Slaughter at Synagogue Used to Blame Q and Trump

Alleged Bomber is a registered DEMOCRAT

  MSM Blames MAGA Supporter for Bombs! WRONG!

 Maxine Waters the Pedophile Protector

Pedophile Deep State Mails Itself Bombs to Frame President Trump



Happy Sukkot 2018 


  Deuteronomy 16:14


Day 1 Sukkot: Wonders of Alaska Waterfall

Day 1 Sukkot: How the Zoom Prayer Meeting Went

When Messiah Rules A Sukkot 2018 Song



A Sukkot Song (2012) -- 1000 Years Ballad

The Greatest Hits Sukkot 2015 (video from 3 years ago)

Happy 1st Day of Sukkot: Near Anchorage, Alaska In My Sukkah


  It is all about Yahshua!




Q's Vanishing Act, Skyfall, The Turning Point

63 Dead Fetuses Detroit Funeral Home CRIMNAL!!

What Happened to Julian Assange???

Chuck Grassley HUGE BOMBSHELL on Hillary Clinton Oct 20, 2018

Clintons & Huma Abedin Child Sex Trafficking in Michigan

Hillary Court Docket Case: 1:14-cv-01242




How We Prayed for Pres Trump During Yom Kippur Zoom Meeting

4 Hour Zoom Prayer Meeting VICTORY!!!! 

Yom Kippur 2018: Tabernacle Prophetic Teaching

Yom Kippur 2018: Hebrew Feasts vs Pagan Holidays


Yom Kippur 2018 Begins: Lighting the Menorah



Final Reflections Before Yom Kippur 2018 Begins

Yom Kippur 2014 Prophetic Implications & True Meaning

Yom Kippur Music Dedication (One Year Ago)

  yom kippur




Trump Threatens Mexico: Child Sex Trafficking

CIA PEDOPHILES Push Psychology: Sigmund Freud the Pedophile

Operation Tear Down the Enemy: T-Minus 1 Day Till Yom Kippur

Michael Flynn vs Mike Pence

Trump Assassination Plot Linked to Child Sex Trafficking Ring

100% Proof Stephen Colbert is a Pedophile

Mass Arrests Timeline, Liz Crokin, Julian Assange

Oct 9, 2018: Pope Francis Sexual Abuse Deaf Orphans

Another VICTORY!! Oct 13: Trump Policy: Life Begins at Conception!!!!

Obama Admin Child Sex Trafficking

Bush Sr, Clinton, Obama: CIA Child Sex Trafficking MORE PROOF!!!

 VICTORY!!! Child Toy With Sex Hotline BACKS DOWN!!!!

We Can Save Over 100,000 Children Will NOT Cost A Dime!!!!!!!

Missing Malaysian Plane, Vatican, Child Sex Trafficking COVERUP!

Children's Toy with SEX HOTLINE On Package!!!!

Trump Order Issued Oct 11, 2018: End Child Sex Trafficking

English Queen a Pedophile!!! Vancouver, BC Child Sex Trafficking



Mendenhall Glacier Feast of Trumpets Part 1, Part 2

Wonders of Alaska Feast of Trumpets: Version 2

Blowing the Shofar Alaska Feast of Trumpets!!



Philadelphia, 2 Witnesses, Trumpets and President Trump

Prophecy, Pedophiles, Trump: X Marks The Spot

Feast of Trumpets 2018: An Introduction

  Pre-Show for Feast of Trumpets: Video from 2014




CPS and Foster Care: Child Sex Trafficking!!!!

Q Drop and Skyfall: What Do You Guys Think??

I Have To Read This Email Someone Sent Me!!!!!

Trump Confronting Rosenstein This Week Over FISA DECLASS!!!

Boy Scouts National Director is a Pedophile!!!!

Clarification on Putin and Child Sex Trafficking

100% Proof Trump Agrees With Me About Executing Satanic Pedophiles

Spirit of Revival Sweeps The USA!!!

Trump Says YES TO Q!!!!!!!

Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed This Shabbat (Saturday)

Robert Mueller Son of Heinrich Mueller: Nazi PedophilesPhotos of Pedophile Heinrich Mueller and Robert Mueller Compared

US Senate Orders 9-11 Declass: Bush Cabal Crashing Down???.

SRA Survivor Testifies Satanic Pedophilia Under Temple Mount Jerusalem

The Bush Cabal vs The Clinton Cabal

Oct 3rd Emergency Broadcast Test: What You Need To Know

Pence+NXIVM+Pena+Senator Tester=Plot Against POTUS

Pedophile Pence's Attempted COUP Against Trump Last Spring

Q Drop: Arrest Those LARPERS Threatening POTUS!!!

Washington DC Satanic Pedophile Tunnels

Veterans Today Article Exposes Pedophile Antonin Scalia

Jeff Flake the Pedophile: Solving the Kavanaugh Riddle

Threats Against Me For Jim Carrey YouTube

Pedophile Protector Mike Pence: Proof and Sources

White House Petition: Take Down The Satanic Pedophiles, New Petition

Nov 9 White House INCREDIBLE NEWS!!!!

McDonalds Pedophile Satanic Coverup

Exposing Eli Priest Who Smears SRA Victim: Written Proof

Tweeting POTUS

Eli Priest Protects Satanic Pedophile Jim Carrey

Pedophile Protector Sawyer Abusing His Daughter or Psyop???

MAJOR UPDATES On Nov 9, 2018 White House Event

Satanic Pedophile, Baby Murdering Oral Roberts, Kenneth Copeland


Responding to Critics of Victor's Interview -- Ex-Master Mason EXPOSES

The Freemasons

Jim Carrey: Highest Luciferian Pedophile in Hollywood


Sept 27, 2018: Operation Tweet POTUS!!!!  

Pedophile James Comey is TOAST!!!!!!

Luciferian Pedophiles Exposed: Erin Scott Discussion with Daniel Lee

I Bought My Airplane Ticket: This Is Happening

100% Proof James Comey Will Be Indicted

My Plan To Take Down the Luciferian Pedophiles

The Redemption of General Michael Flynn

Upcoming Interview with VeganMikey and a WARNING

Why I Am Defending Bush Sr. Court Docket Docs

POTUS Declassified FISA Docs!!!! VICTORY!!!!

Bush Sr. Court Docket #: C-186-RV3-524

AZ Luciferian Pedophile Ring: Exposing Keith and Rachel Krause

Ohio Kasich Sold His Own Daughters Into Pedophilia!!!

Assange Will Bring Down Hillary Clinton Oct 21st

Update on Connie and Ohio Child Sex Trafficking Ring

Trump Strikes Back Against Pedophiles

Cuomo and New York's Child Sex Trafficking Ring Exposed


Gift for My Subscribers: Sky Tram Beauty(1), Part 2



Breaking Free From Slave Mentality: Global Reset 2nd Video 

Pedophile Obama FULLY EXPOSED, Rockefeller Text Log

Q: FISAgate Coming VERY SOON!!!

Global Currency Reset: Destroying Luciferian Pedophiles

VICTORY! Ohio Luciferian Pedophiles Running Scared!!!!

Q Drop 2128: Obama and Hillary's Downfall

Mike Pence: Pedophile and Freemason

Kasich and Ohio's Child Sex Trafficking Ring Exposed

Trump Tweets TREASON: Hammer About to Drop 

Kasich ADMITS McCain Executed!!!!

Pedophile Protector Craig Sawyer Exposed

Kavanaugh Pedophile Protector Part 1 of (2), Part 2

Judge Kavanaugh: Murderer and Pedophile Protector

Why Trump Was Forced to Hide McCain's Execution

More Intel Drops Tonight; Clarification on Things


Q's "Red October"  

Netflix Under Investigation for Pushing Pedophilia

Pope's Docket # For 2014 Conviction

Bush Sr, W, Bernie Sanders Are Pedophiles/Warrant for Pope BOMBSHELLS!!!

Robert Mueller Protects Pedophiles!!!!!

Pedophile Protector McCain Executed: 1 Down, 44,999 to go!

Trump Goes After Hillary!!! I told you so!!!!

Candidate for Oregon Governor Reaches Out To Me

Top Ranking Inside Govt Source Confirms: It's Going Down!!!

QAnon Movie Trilogy Confirms Pedophile Indictments Timeline

Morgan Freeman and Asia Argento Are PEDOPHILES!!!

Jack Nicholson, Kirk Douglas, Warren Beatty Are Pedophiles!!!!


Illuminati Kabbalah: 6 Points For Global Takeover

Pedophile Hillary Clinton to be Arrested Before Nov 11, 2018

Video Footage of Torn Fiber Optic Cable

My Internet Fiber Optic Cable Was Cut Outside My House

45,000 Indictments Proven True With Recent Headlines!!!! 

45,000 Indictments For Top Hollywood Pedophiles and Others!!!

 Essay: How Smashing of Hollywood Pedophilia Fits Into Biblical Prophecy

Steven Spielberg Raped and Murdered Heather

Billy Graham the Serial Pedophile

Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage All Pedophiles!!!!

Antonin Scalia, Bruce Willis, Tommy Lee Jones All Pedophiles!!!

Voodoo Doughnuts, Hillsong, Robert De Nero Are All Pedophiles!


The Good Things To Come! (Music Video)



Isaac Kappy and Sarah Ruth Ashcraft: Exposing Pedophilia in Hollywood

Major Actor Crispin Glover Exposes Pedophile Spielberg

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg Are Pedophiles



Happy Shavuot 2018



7th Day of Unleavened Bread 2018 

Feast of Firstfruits 2018

1st Day of Unleavened Bread 2018

Passover 2018: Exodus 12 Meal

Passover Table 2018

Happy Passover 2018: Last Supper Memorial


Unleavening the House for Dummies: Part 1, Part 2

Happy Lamb Day 2018



Yah Lifts Me Up -- A Testimony from 4-20-18

Every Hebrew Feast Day Has A Mirror Image


Happy Hebrew New Year! - (Spring 2018-2019)





Missing the Day of Thy Visitation



Where Are We On The Prophetic Timline?

Beautiful Alaska



Happy Purim 2018




When is the Biblical New Year?


Trump Announcement 7 Days Before Hanukkah!!!!

Sabbath Hike Along the Deschutes River

Israel Strikes Iranian Base Near Damascus, Trump Delays Decision

Detailed Prophetic Timeline for Great Tribulation:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Final Part

North Korea, Missiles, Iran Navy in Gulf

Space Needle: Part 1, Part 2

I’m in the Cockpit

Boeing Tour: Prophetic Picture of The Two Witnesses

An Affectionate Video For All My Enemies

Russia and China to Strike USA Without Warning

Having Fun in Seattle

The Emerald City at Night

Standing at the Top of Seattle: Prophetic Pictures

Seattle Underground Tour

Prophetic Shadow Picture of Rev 12 Eagle Wings!

On The Beaches on Shabbat

Sabbath Coastal Beauty

Beautiful Views Blessing from Yah: Part 1, Part 2

Why No More Sea in New Heavens and New Earth??

Satan Has NOT been Cast out of Heaven Yet



Revelation for Dummies: Current Geopolitical Events Explained

The Real Reason Behind the Texas Church Massacre: Keep Shabbat!!!

Single American Christian Women: T Minus 10 Days to Marry Me!!!

Saudi Arabia Switches Alliance from USA to Russia and China

Part 1: Pyramid and Enoch and John and Judas and Prophecy, Part 2

Could I Still Be Wrong About My Timeline?

Three Horns Uprooted in WW3: USA, UK, France (Daniel 7:7-8)

The Alarm Bell Rang: Something Wicked This Way Comes

100 Year 1917 Balfour Declaration Anniversary Happens Now!!!

Book of Enoch is Evil: 66 Books + 4 = 70 Books of the Bible

Paganism of Halloween: Another Indictment Against the USA

The Gospel That America Hates!!!!

Rebuking the Wicked at 24 Hour Fitness Gym: Revival Fire!!!

What the Intercessors in the Body of Messiah are Sensing: Next 4 Months

A Poem To My Future Wife

Shabbat Shalom Everyone

Yah Gave Me a New Song

The Time Is Cut Short: Part 1Part 2Part 3

The End of the USA Draws Near



Either Leave Cornerstone Baptist or Go to the Lake of Fire

Prophecy Unlocked: Purim 2018 to Fall 2021

Why Did Yah Appoint Trump as President Prophecy 2017

Opposing Modern Feminism in Hebrew Roots Messianic Movement

Orthodox Jew Who Gave His Heart to Yahshua Meets Me For Dinner

Pastor Rick = King Saul and I am David

Delivering Pastor Rick over to Satan: 1 Timothy 1:20

9/23/17 to Nov 2nd 2017 is 40 Days, 11-2-17 to Hanukkah is another 40 Days

Found my Wayard Wicked Wife at the Bus Station

My New Wife Burns Our Marriage Ketubah and Leaves

Victory at Bush Park: Yah is Moving at Cornerstone!!!

Purim 2018: 1335, 1290 and 1260 Prophetic Days

Jew Surrenders to Yahshua at Gym and Prophetic Purim Revealed

I Am Totally Willing to Sit Down With Pastor Rick and Elder Dale of Cornerstone

Exposing Beth Heagy of Cornerstone and her Lies Against Me

Rick Chesher Cornerstone Baptist Exposed as a Lucifierian Plant

Clarifying the Sin of Cornerstone and Rick Chesher


On The Pacific Ocean on Shabbat

  The Former and Latter Rain: A Special Jubilee 2017 Message

Broken to Pieces by Yah -- A Testimony

When to Rebuke Someone in Public According to the Bible

2017 --- 2027: The Final Decade?

Spirit of Intercession . . . Groanings for the Bride! On The Brink . . .

In The Days of the 7th Trumpet . . .

Answering a New Moon Question

 The Scriptural Proof for when a New Moon Occurs

Found a Beautiful Messianic Congregation!

The Deception of the Greater Exodus Teaching

I AM REVIVED!!! Leviticus 19:17 and Ephesians 5:11

The Great Falling Away -- So Grieved Right Now

When Messiah Rules: A Song for Jubilee 2017


The Real Message Behind the Hurricanes: KEEP THE SABBATH HOLY!!!



Messiah and Paul: Reconciling Their Teachings: 17 Part Series



Prophetic Message of Hurricane Irma

The Pacific Northwest in Sackcloth and ASHES

2nd Prophetic Message: Hurricane Harvey's Aftermath

Prophetic Message of Hurricane Harvey


Eclipse, 6th New Moon: Countdown to Trumpets 2017



Trump: The Decoy Anti-Christ

 Assad's Downfall, Talmudic Dark Magic, Trump & The Brink of WW3  


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