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Evangelist Daniel John Lee

And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


Donald Trump: When History Doesn't Repeat Itself

by Daniel John Lee


I’ve come under a great deal of criticism lately from those in the Messianic/Christian circles now that I have endorsed Donald Trump for President.  They claim I am wrong to put my trust in a mere man, wrong to think some rich guy can delay oncoming tribulation-laden prophecy, wrong to believe Yah is allowing a revival to come to America.

But no one can deny that a very small core of Americans have been fervently praying II Chronicles 7:14, even when most of us had stopped praying for America and given up on this once great nation.

I believe Donald Trump is Yah’s answer to those who prayed II Chronicles7:14 and that, if elected, he will become the greatest President the USA has ever had.  Trump will be in the position to break into pieces the NWO, drastically reduce the influence of the UN, return prosperity to the USA and provide conditions, similar to if not better than the 80’s, in which the church can reawaken herself for one last harvest before the end.

But since my critics want to make this a prophetic, Biblical and religious argument, let’s start with that.  In Torah, the Jubilee Year happens every 50 years.  The year before a Jubilee, on Yom Kippur of the 49th year, a trumpet blast is blown to announce the coming Jubilee.  That 50th year is a time when slaves are set free, debts are released, property returns to its original owners, and joy fills the land.  It’s a year of freedom and prosperity.

The last Jubilee Year was in 1967, when, a few months after it began in the Spring of 67, the Jews recaptured Jerusalem after over 1900 years of that city being in the hands of the enemy.

The next Jubilee is set to begin in the Spring of 2017.  Which means, as of the writing of this article, we are about to begin the final shemittah or sabbath year (49th year) before the 50th Jubilee Year.  It is in this 49th year, on Yom Kippur, when a trumpet would be blown to announce the coming Jubilee Year.

How prophetic is it then that a man with the last name of TRUMP, may very well win the election a mere few weeks after Yom Kippur this year, taking office just before the Jubilee begins next Spring.  It is almost as if Yah is telegraphing to the world that He is indeed going to be sounding a TRUMP this fall to announce the coming Jubilee of 2017, and that TRUMP is no other than Donald Trump who will be blown by Yah as he crushes Hillary and the wicked globalists this fall in an overwhelming electoral victory!

Trump’s policies, if enacted, will literally fulfill many of the Torah commandments for a Jubilee Year.  He wants to slash taxes and enforce foreign tariffs on imports to encourage American companies to stay in America and bring back their wealth to America, bringing back prosperity and turning this nation into an industrial powerhouse once again, drastically cutting down on our national debt.  Bringing prosperity and removing debt is exactly what the Jubilee is all about.  Many Americans without a job and dependent on government subsidies will suddenly find freedom as millions of jobs return to this nation.  Freedom from slavery is a hallmark of a Jubilee Year.  Trump may not be Jewish, but his policies will fulfill the commandments for a Jubilee.  He promises to build a wall and deport illegal immigrants, reinforcing the rule of law and giving this nation back to her citizens.  If you think a wall won’t work, try asking Israel.  Or, better yet, ask the Vatican!

Let’s take a deeper look as to what Donald Trump actually wants to do.  First of all, he is not a member of any secret society, not part of the Illuminati, not part of the Globalist Agenda, has a disdain for the UN, wants to lessen our role in NATO, wants to stop empire building, and wants to concentrate on building America.  He is not part of the NWO.  He is funding his own campaign so he is not bought and controlled by anyone.  Lobbyists and special interests cannot tell him what to do.  He is a man beholden only to himself and his desire to make America great again.  He is a patriot with a heart that loves this nation.  

Trump’s biggest issue is illegal immigration.  He wants to build a 1000 mile long wall, enforce current immigration law and deport 11 million illegal immigrants.  These policies will protect this nation, bring back jobs to young Americans who, yes, will do many of the jobs illegal immigrants do now.

He wants to put a temporary ban on all Muslims entering the USA.  This will help ensure protection for America from terrorist attacks.  He will also, through his influence, cause a rising swell of patriotism and nationalism, encouraging legal immigrants to assimilate into American culture, bringing back optimism and unity not seen since the 80s.

Trump wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with privatized health care which allows insurance companies to compete with each other in the states.  This will drive down costs and bring much higher quality health care, as private businesses seek to compete for customers rather than the current monopoly of government run health care.

Trump has been a hugely successful businessman.  With a country that is 19 trillion dollars in debt, a smart businessman is what we need to get us out of this mess.  Trump has the skills to help this country back up from the cliff it is currently teetering on.

Trump wants to drastically reduce taxes on families and corporations, putting more earned wealth back into the pockets of the people.  He also wants to audit the FED which will reveal  the corruption in the banking system.

Trump wants to stop being the policeman of the world, which will not only lower tensions and conflict across the world, but save us trillions of dollars by not propagating useless wars and nation building.  We can save that money and use it to help America rebuild herself.

These policies are not only smart and sane, they will transform America into a powerhouse of industry, creativity and prosperity.

Trump wants to destroy NAFTA and the TPP and other stupid trade agreements that have drained our manufacturing jobs and wealth.  He will instead make smart trade deals and agreements, which will prevent foreign countries from devaluing their currencies, encourage American companies to return to the USA, and allow American industry to once again have the ability to compete against other nations.

Foreign leaders will have a great deal of respect for a President Trump who has a strong military but does not try to build an American Empire across the world.  Peace through strength, the mantra that caused the fall of the Soviet Union and served Reagan so well, will bring back global stability and peace.

A restored American economy will eventually benefit the world, rippling into other economies tied to ours.  An America intent on defending her borders and restoring nationalism will encourage Europe and others to follow our example, pushing back the threat of terrorism.

In short, a Trump Presidency could very realistically delay prophecy, bringing back conditions that would allow the called out ones to bring many into the Kingdom of Yah through missionary outreaches and a return of righteousness at home.

Finally, I wish to conclude with the meaning of the title for this article.  We all know that history repeats itself.  But, every once in awhile, something new happens that totally changes the course of history.  The invention of the Gutenberg press was a totally new thing that put the Bible in the hands of the layman and broke the back of the Roman Catholic control over the known world.  

The American Revolution of 1776 was also a totally new thing.  Revolutions were not new, of course, but they tended almost always to be brutal affairs that led to blood baths and to chaos.  The American Revolution was totally new in that it was founded on the Bible and birthed a Constitution that used the Torah to bring freedom in the form of a modern Republic.

The death, burial and resurrection of the Jewish Messiah is probably the ultimate new thing that invaded history, defeating death and allowing the Spirit to write the Torah on our hearts.

I contend that the rise of Donald Trump is also a new thing that has never happened in history.  We have never had a billionaire, completely unfettered by the modern spider web of special interests and lobbyists, with the sole desire of patriotism.  He literally threatens to break the back of the globalists, which was something, until this election cycle, deemed impossible to do.