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Evangelist Daniel John Lee

And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


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Want to know Daniel Lee's Testimony? Please read here: Daniel Lee's Testimony



 2021 Shabbat Teachings


Friday Night Shabbat: Healings and Deborah Discusses Organic Food & Alaska Living - 9/18

Friday Night Shabbat: Healing, Job Miracle, Deborah's Reflections on Past Week - 9/11

Friday Night Shabbat: Healings, Successful Surgery, Deborah's Weekly Chat - 9/4

Friday Night Shabbat: Healings and Deborah's Weekly Chat - 8/28

Friday Night Shabbat: No Pain, No Cancer, Deborah Reflecting On Alaska - 8/21

Friday Night Shabbat: Healings & More Adventures with Daniel & Deborah - 8/14

Friday Night Shabbat: Healed from the Flu and Adventures with Daniel & Deborah - 8/7

Friday Night Shabbat: Healing of Sex Abused Boy, Grand Baby Born, Deborah's Birthday - 7/30

Friday Night Shabbat: Two Major Healings and Thanks to All Our Subscribers for Prayers - 7/24

Dr. Stella Immanuel at Anaheim Conference - 7/17

Praise and Worship at Anaheim Conference - 7/17

Friday Night Shabbat: Financial Blessing & Very Smooth Travels - 7/17

Friday Night Shabbat: Healings, Released from Hospital, Beautiful Boat Ride - 7/9

Sailboating on York River with Deborah - 7/9

Biblical Marriage: The Roles of a Husband & Wife -- Sabbath Teaching - 7/3

Daniel & Deborah Shabbat Reflections on Our Road Trip - 7/3

Friday Night Shabbat: Amazing Healings, Restoration with Father, Marriage Restored - 6/25

   Friday Night Shabbat: Gained Dream Job, Cancer in Remission - 6/18

Friday Night Shabbat: Healings, Trach Removed, Recovery from Covid - 6/12

Friday Night Shabbat: Dustin's Miraculous Healing, Houston Home Fellowship Victory, Son Healed - 6/5

Friday Night Shabbat: Home Fellowship Already Forms and Meets! Victory! - 5/29

Friday Night Shabbat: Healings, Released from Prison, Blessed With New Van - 5/21

Daniel 9, Daniel's 70th Week, Jesus 3.5 Year Ministry & The Great Tribulation - 5/15

Friday Night Shabbat: Baby Born, Mountain Moved, Kidneys Healed, Covid Healed - 5/14

What Jesus Said About the Law of Moses: Special Sabbath Teaching - 5/8

Friday Night Shabbat: Huge Blessings for Us, Healings, Husband Awakens, Prosperity - 5/7

Friday Night Shabbat: Blood Clot Healed, Delivered from Gossip, The True Gospel - 4/30

   Shabbat On A Louisiana Farm - 4/24

 Friday Night Shabbat: Backslider Repents, Major Victory in Branson, Young Mom Returns to Yah, Cancer Healed - 4/24

Tulsa Conference Transforms Into Holy Revival Fire: The 3rd Great Awakening Begins - 4/17

Friday Night Shabbat: Healings, Business Restored, Deborah's Powerful Testimony - 4/10

With My Wife and the Gorgeous Golden Sabbath Sunset - 4/10

Beaver in Juneau Alaska on Sabbath Hike - 4/3

  Juneau, Alaska Mountains: Sabbath Treat - 4/3

  Friday Night Shabbat: 10 Year old Sexual Abused Girl Finds Healing, Biopsies Pre-Cancerous, Deborah Shares The Hike - 4/3

  Friday Night Shabbat: Dr Curses Shattered by Yah's Healing Hand, Our Wedding Rings - 3/27

Sabbath Hike On A Canal George Washington Commissioned - 3/20

Friday Night Shabbat: Persecuted Pastor Released, Healings, Blood Cancer in Remission - 3/19

The Holy Spirit Showed Up: First Ministry of the New Beginning - 3/13

Friday Night Shabbat: Secured Amazing Job, Brought Back From Death, Massive Headaches Healed, Special Announcement Soon - 3/12

Sabbath Hike Along the Beach, Jamestown Island in Distance - 3/6

Friday Night Shabbat: Healing, SRA Survivor Experiences Deliverance, Singing Praise - 3/5

Friday Night Shabbat: Miraculous Breakthrough In Cancer Battle, Baby Bleeding Brain Healed, Financial Miracle - 2/26

Friday Night Shabbat: Healing, Salvation Found, Year Long Breakthrough, President Trump's Revival Bible - 2/19

Friday Night Shabbat: Numerous Healings, Major Stronghold Broken, Encouraging Words from Subscriber About Trump Situation - 2/12

Friday Night Shabbat: A Very Special Message of Encouragement - 2/5

Friday Night Shabbat: Healings, New Home, Baby Born - 1/29

Friday Night Shabbat: Job Offer, Freedom from Alcoholism, Several Beautiful Testimonies - 1/22

Friday Night Shabbat: Healings, Thank You & A Patriot Prayer - 1/15

Friday Night Shabbat: Overcoming in Messiah, Healings, Renewing Our Hearts - 1/1




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