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And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


The Riddle of King Cyrus, Daniel's 70 weeks, 17 CE and 2017 CE  - (revised 2015)



Special note: Please listen to this youtube in order to better under this timeline:


No scholars dispute that Cyrus the Great began his rule in 559 BC.  However, I just found evidence that be began his reign two years earlier in 561 BC!

No scholars dispute that Cyrus the Great died in 530 BC.

No scholars dispute that Darius I began his rule in 522 BC.  However, I just found evidence that Darius I may have actually begun two years earlier in 524 BC due to the Persian army disappearing in 524 BC and giving Darius a powerful incentive to move in and take power for himself.

No scholars dispute that Xerxes I began his rule in 486 BC.  However, according to evidence I found, it is now likely he began his rule in 490 BC to make his 20th year in 470 BC which is when his son, Artaxerxes I began his reign due to new evidence I found.

Scholars say Nebuchadnezzer ruled for 43 years and died in the 44th year of his reign.  They just have him in the wrong 43 years!!!!

Historical Sources:

1. The years for Cyrus the Great:

2. The years for Darius I:

3. The years for Xerxes I and his son Artaxerxes I:

4. The years for Darius II:

5. This source proves Nebuchadnezzer ruled for 43 years and died in the 44th year of his reign, even though historians have wrongly put him reigning in the wrong set of years:

6. This source proves the 10 year long reign of Belshazzar:


Reverified Darius II reign.

After reading more carefully here:

King before him died on Dec 25, 424 but Darius II did not take throne for another 1.5 months due to Xerxes II.  
However, the above may not be exactly correct due to what I found in another document here:
Darius II ascended the throne after the short reigns of two of his half-brothers, Xerxes II (425-24) and Sogdianus (or Sekyndianus; 424). In the dating formulas of the Babylonian business documents, however, these kings are not mentioned, and Darius II directly succeeds Artaxerxes I. 

So, in other words, the way it was documented is that when Xerxes II reigned actually became incorporated into Darius' II reign.  Thus, per the documents, Darius II began his reign in 425 BC. Not 423 BC as I have on my timeline.  Thus the 6th year would be from some date in 420 to some date in 419.

Since Ezra 6 mentions Adar which always happen in Feb/March, we can safely assume the Temple was finished in Feb/March of 420 BC, to ensure it falls within the 6th year of Darius II.

Now, I discovered a document I will mention later in which it suggests Artaxerxes I began his reign in 470 BC.  This would be the year, then, that he issues the decree to rebuild Jerusalem and the beginning of Daniel's 70 weeks.  In fact, him issuing such a powerful decree indicates this was his first act to mark the beginning of his rulership, distinct from his father who would die a few years later.  Even though the Temple is not finished until 50 years after that, the first 7 weeks of Daniel's 70 weeks prophecy (49 years) would be completed in 421 BC. Now, let's go 62 weeks of years or 434 years from Aviv 421 BC.  433 years is complete in Aviv of 13 AD.

Thus, by the time Yahshua begins His ministry in the fall of 13 AD, we are well into the 434th year or 62 weeks of years.

I discovered a booked call the Chronology of the Old Testament by Floyd Nolen Jones that suggested Artaxerxes actually started his reign in 470 BC. (In actual fact, young Artaxerxes co-reigned with his father for 20 years from 490 BC to 470 BC and 470 BC marked Artaxerxes first year of rulership distinct from his father who would die a few years later.  This is why 470 BC can be both the first year of his reign and the 20th year as described in Nehemiah 2).

The remainder of the timeline can be adjusted by beginning Nebechadnezzer's reign in 577 BC rather than 575 BC because, again, we know he reigned  for 43 years and died in his 44th year, we just don't know  when those years were.  If we place his reign starting in 577 BC, then the 69 weeks of Daniel finishes out in 13 AD.

Another problem happens if we shift things back to start in 577 BC, rather than 575 BC -- namely Cyrus the Great is supposed to begin his reign in 559 BC, not 561 BC as the timeline would now dictate.  However, it looks like Cyrus the Great might have indeed begun his reign in 561 BC because of what I found here:

Wikipedia says Cyrus' reign ended in December 530 BC (which I presume was when he died, but that doesn't matter) and his reign was between 29 to 31 years long.

That would mean that his reign could have begun in 561 BC, and not 559 BC. Please give me evidence/arguments that allow for his reign to have begun in 561 BC.

One last problem arises.  Darius I is supposed to have begun his reign in 522 BC but in my revised timeline, this would be shifted back to 524 BC.  All historical documents record Camybses II dying in 522 BC and Darius I beginning in 522 BC.  However, I would like to put forth an alternative.  If you google Cambyses II and 524 BC you will find a host of articles about how his entire army disappeared in 524 BC in the deserts of Egypt.  Is it possible, due to this overwhelming loss of 50,000 Persian troops, that Darius I took matters into his own hands and murdered Cambyses II in 524 BC, the same year his entire army vanished without a trace?  I think it highly probable.  Thus, Darius I removed the incompetent Persian King and took over Persia himself.  In the same year, he rebuilds the Persian army and invades Babylon, killing Belshazzar and conquering Babylon.

It is interesting to note that Darius I may have very well reaped what he sowed.  In 490 BC, history records the Battle of Marathon in which Darius I attempts to send his vast Persian army to conquer Athens.  The Athens repel the assault and kill over 6000 of his men.  Darius I suffers a humiliating defeat which lends even more credence that 490 BC was the year Xerxes I murdered Darius I and removed the incompetent king to take over Persia himself.  Thus Darius I suffers the very fate he exacted on Cambyses II decades earlier.

So, here is the corrected timeline in full:


577 BC  Nebuchadnezzer begins his reign - Jehoiakim’s 3rd Year (Daniel 1:1)

576 BC  (Daniel chapter 2 takes place)

575 BC  Jehoiakim rebels against Babylon’s rule after 3 years (II Kings 24:1)

574 BC

573 BC

572 BC

571 BC

570 BC  Jehoiakim has ruled 10 years and in his 11th year is killed by Nebuchadnezzer (II Kings 23:36, 24:6) Jehoiachin ruled 3 months and was taken in the 8th year of King Nebuchadnezzer (II Kings 24:12)

569 BC  Zedekiah becomes king and is attacked by Nebuchadnezzer Nebuchadnezzer’s 9th Year (II Kings 25:1)

568 BC

567 BC

566 BC

565 BC

564 BC

563 BC

562 BC 

561 BC  Cyrus the Great begins ruling.   Persia does not conquer Babylon until Darius according to Daniel 5:31.  

560 BC

559 BC

558 BC  (19th year of Nebuchadnezzer -- 2 Kings 25:8-9 -- temple burned to ground) -- Zedekiah is taken captive in the 11th year of his reign (II Kings 25:2)

557 BC     1st Year of Captivity has elapsed

556 BC     2  

555 BC     3

554 BC     4

553 BC     5

552 BC     6

551 BC     7

550 BC     8

549 BC     9

548 BC   10

547 BC   11

546 BC   12

545 BC   13

544 BC   14

543 BC   15

542 BC   16

541 BC   17

540 BC   18

539 BC   19

538 BC   20

537 BC   21

536 BC   22

535 BC   23

534 BC   24 ----- Jubilee

533 BC   25 Nebuchadnezzer, after ruling 43 years, dies in his 44th year of rule, 1st year of his grandson, Belshazzar, Daniel chapter 7 takes place Jehoiachin in his 37th year of imprisonment is released! II Kings 25:27

532 BC   26  2nd year of Belshazzar    

531 BC   27   

530 BC   28    Cyrus the Great dies   (4th year of Belshazzar)

529 BC   29    5th year of Belshazzar (Daniel chapter 8 takes place)

528 BC   30    6th year of Belshazzar

527 BC   31    7th year of Belshazzar

526 BC   32    8th year of Belshazzar

525 BC   33    9th year of Belshazzar

524 BC   34   10th year of Belshazzar Daniel 5:30-31 says Darius slays Belshazzar and takes over Babylon.  Darius I conquers Babylon in September of the year.  A few months before this, in the Hebrew month of Av (July/August), 34 years had elapsed of the 70 year captivity.  We know from Daniel 9:1 that it is in the 1st year of Darius that he makes his prayer to Yah for his people to return to Jerusalem and Judah.  So, Daniel made this prayer sometime either on or after September, which means in the 35th year of the captivity.  35 is exactly half of 70. So, literally, in the midst of the 70 year captivity, right in the middle, Daniel makes his prayer! 10th year of Belshazzar.  (according to the source: Ancient cunieform texts indicate that Nabonidus, the son of Nebuchadnezzar lived in Tema, North Arabia, for approximately 10 years.  During that decade, Belshazzar ruled Babylon as his father’s regent. Belshazzar is the son of Nabonidus and the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar)

523 BC   35    

522 BC   36   

521 BC   37

520 BC   38

519 BC   39

518 BC   40

517 BC   41

516 BC   42

515 BC   43

514 BC   44

513 BC   45

512 BC   46

511 BC   47

510 BC   48

509 BC   49

508 BC   50

507 BC   51 

506 BC   52

505 BC   53

504 BC   54

503 BC   55

502 BC   56

501 BC   57

500 BC   58

499 BC   59

498 BC   60

497 BC   61

496 BC   62

495 BC   63

494 BC   64

493 BC   65

492 BC   66

491 BC   67

490 BC   68 (68 years have elapsed of 70 year exile.  Xerxes I who takes the name of his grandfather, Cyrus the Great, issues Ezra 1 decree to rebuild Temple in 1st year of his reign.  Artaxerxes I, a young boy at the time, also begins to co-reign with his father.

489 BC   69 Sept/Oct: events in Ezra 3:1-7

488 BC   70 (70 years have now elapsed of exile and exile officially ends which is marked by the foundation of Temple laid) May -- Events in Ezra 3:8-13, foundation of Temple is laid, temple construction begins.    then in Ezra 4:1-4, enemies of Judah frustrate their purpose. Daniel chapters 10 11 and 12 take place 

All event of Book of Nehemiah are between Ezra 4:4 and Ezra 4:24. 

487 BC   

486 BC  

484 BC    Jubilee Year!

483 BC

482 BC

481 BC

480 BC 

479 BC

478 BC

477 BC

476 BC

475 BC

474 BC

473 BC

472 BC

471 BC

470 BC   20th year of Xerxes I and his son Artaxerxes I. Nehemiah 2:5 - decree issued  to build city of Jerusalem -- 70 weeks of Daniel begin. Events of Nehemiah chapter 2 through 9 all happen in 470 BC.

469 BC   (1st year of Daniel’s 70 weeks has elasped)

468 BC   2nd year

467 BC   3rd year

466 BC   4th year year

465 BC   Xerxes I dies and now his son, Aratxerxes, is left to rule.

464 BC   (6th year)

463 BC   (7th year)

462 BC   (8th year)

461 BC   (9th year)

460 BC   (10th year)

459 BC   (11 years)

458 BC   (12 years) 32nd year of Artaxerxes I, Nehemiah 13:6-7 

457 BC   (13 years)

456 BC   (14 years)

455 BC   (15 years)   

454 BC   16 years

453 BC   17 years

452 BC   18 years

451 BC   19 years

450 BC   20 years

449 BC   21 years

448 BC   22 years

447 BC   23 years

446 BC   24 years

445 BC   25 years

444 BC   26 years

443 BC   27 years

442 BC   28 years

441 BC   29 years

440 BC   30  years

439 BC   31 years

438 BC   32 years

437 BC   33 years

436 BC   34  years

435 BC   35 years

434 BC   36 years

433 BC   37 years

432 BC   38 years

431 BC   39 years

430 BC   40 years

429 BC   41 years

428 BC   42 years

427 BC   43 years

426 BC   44 years

425 BC   45 years Artaxerxes I dies, brief reign of Xerxes II and Sardgiononus but these two kings are removed from history and Darius II reign begins retroactively.)

424 BC   2nd year of Darius II reign, event of Ezra 4:24, Ezra 5:1-17, Ezra 6:1-14 . (46 years of Daniel’s 70 weeks have elapsed)

423 BC   (47 years of Daniel’s 70 weeks)

422 BC   48

421 BC   49 years of Daniel’s 70 weeks have elapsed or 7 weeks of years!

420 BC   50 years 6th year of Darius II and events of Ezra 6:15-22 TEMPLE IS FINISHED!



|   (62 weeks of years later, or 434 years later, unto Messiah the Prince   from 421 BC is 13 AD).

13 CE   --  Yahshua begins ministry in fall of 13 CE which is literally 433.5 years after the first 49 years completed in 421BC.  So in the 434th year, or 62 weeks of years, Messiah begins His ministry.  Some may dispute that 434 years are not complete at this point, but remember Hebrew is not like Western mindset and prophecy is organic not exact.  Being in the 434th year is close enough for me to say 69 (483 years) weeks of years have been fulfilled between the decree issued to rebuild Jerusalem in early Spring 470 BCE and the fall of 13 AD.


13 CE -- Fall 70th week of Daniel beings

14 CE

15 CE

16 CE 

17 CE -- Spring -- Yahshua is cut off and rises again, Jubilee Year, 3.5 Years of Daniel's 70th week fulfilled. Jubilee Year!

2000 Year Gap until . . .

2017 CE -- Spring -- Last 3.5 Years of Daniel's 70th week begins -- Jubilee -- Great Trib

2020 CE -- Fall -- Daniel's 70th week comes to an end and YahShua returns!  Resurrection occurs on Yom Teruah 2020 AD


From 470 BC to 17 CE there are exactly 10 jubilees encompassed in those years.


1. 434-433 Jubilee #1

2. 384-383 Jubilee #2

3. 334-333 Jubilee #3

4. 284-283 Jubilee #4

5. 234-233 Jubilee #5

6. 184-183 Jubilee #6

7. 134-133 Jubilee #7

8.   84 - 83 Jubilee #8

9.   34 - 33 Jubilee #9

10. 17 CE to 18 CE Jubilee #10!!!!

So the first 69.5 weeks of Daniel’s 70 week prophecy encompasses 10 Jubilees.

Now, there are 40 jubilees between the completion of 69.5 weeks and the remainder of Daniel’s 70th week, in the year 2020.  And why? 

As Moshe went up to the top of Mount Sinai for 40 days, so Yahshua goes to the Heavenly Mount Zion for 40 Jubilees.   As Yahshua was tested in the wilderness for 40 days, so His elect are tested for 40 Jubilees between Daniel’s 69.5 weeks and the completion of the 70th week.  As Yahshua, in His resurrected body, taught His disciples for 40 days from Firstfruits of 17 CE until the 40th omer of 17 CE, so Yahshua by His Spirit teaches His elect for 40 jubilees between the 69.5 weeks and completion of Daniel’s 70th week.

So, Daniel’s 70 weeks encompasses FIFTY JUBILEES!!!!!  In every cycle, there are 49 years, and the 50th year is a jubilee, a year of freedom!  Well, now we have 50 jubilees in Daniel’s 70 weeks and the 50th jubilee in 2017 is a jubilee of jubilees!!!! It will be the Jubilee in which the Saints flee to the safe place and the 3.5 year Great Trib begins!


420 BC

419 BC

418 BC

417 BC   

416 BC 

415 BC 

414 BC  

413 BC  

412 BC  

411 BC  

410 BC  

409 BC  

408 BC  

407 BC  

406 BC  

405 BC    Darius II dies   Artaxerxes II 1st year  

404 BC  

403 BC  

402 BC  

401 BC 

400 BC  

399 BC    7th year of Artaxerxes II in which Ezra 7 occurs  -- leave on 1st day of Aviv in 399 BC, after fasting, they leave on 12th day of Aviv in 399 BC (Ezra 8:31) on 1st day of 5th Month -- summer time, they arrive in Jerusalem, they abide in Jerusalem 3 days and on 4th of Av.  Then on 20th day of 9th month, just before Hannukah of 399, are events of Ezra 10:9. 

398 BC    1st day of 10th month now in early 398 BC, is Ezra 10:16 and Ezra 10:17 is 1st day of Aviv in 398 BC.


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Daniel John Lee